We are Wal's Restorations, a small family business that has been operating for more than 15 years. We have always loved to build things, so we decided to take our passion to the next level and offer our skills to those in need of them

Our business mainly focuses on providing a particular set of carpentry and construction services to residential customers.

Our Team

Our company is a family-run business. This gives us an edge in providing high quality work to our customers, for we always work as a very cohesive team. We also believe in having open lines of communication with our customers. We make it a point to involve our customers in everything we do for them.

We always conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We know that any home improvement project can cost our customers a great deal, so to help keep our customers' costs down, we work from homes. That means a lower overhead that leads to lower rates. Lower rates always mean happier customers!

Just because we have low rates doesn't mean we scrimp on quality. On the contrary, we take pride in the quality of our work. We tend to be very meticulous whenever we're providing our services. We consider our job done when we can finally say that we are very proud of it. In fact, our business motto is, "I build like I would build it at my home."

We are still prepared for the possibility that our customer won't be completely satisfied with the job we have done. In this case, we can assure our customers that all of our work is guaranteed. We will always come back and fix what needs fixing.